Thursday, December 18, 2014

Year End Contributions :)

As the clock ticks on the remaining moments of 2014, I would like to reflect on the phone calls, conversations and emails that have brought me to this point in my life. Every second I move closer and closer to bringing my little one home- days it is just a letter or notary stamp away. :) 
As I wait for the last 2 documents for my dossier, the unfortunate realization is that I am also closer to my obligation of adoption fees. Through the generosity of many of my friends and family, we have already raised over $1500. A great sum, but a drop in the bucket of legal fees, registrations, and "mandatory donations". As uncomfortable as it makes me, I would like to ask that if you are still contemplating making a tax-deductible donation for the 2014 year, please consider helping our family. Any amount helps and brings us that much closer to having our little one home safe and sound. Also, if your company matches donations, this would be a great excuse to exercise that company benefit. :) 

You can donate by mailing your donation to:
Cradle of Hope Adoption Center
8630 Fenton St 
Suite 310
Silver Springs, MD 20910
FBO: Zhang Guan Ning
ATTN: Chris Blimmel 

Cradle of Hope will send you a letter confirming your donation for tax purposes. 

By clicking on the link below:

Thank you in advance!

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