Monday, October 13, 2014

How I got here

I took careful consideration into how I would begin the story of my journey. Coincidentally, that is the same approach I took when beginning my adoption journey. So how did I get here? Let me explain....

-I have always wanted to adopt, finding adoption programs on television more endearing than those focusing on birth stories....

-I refuse to have the screams of my overcharged ovaries rationalize away the red flags of any relationship I may enter.

-I have always wanted children that would have amazing childhood memories of spending time with grandparents like I had with mine.

-I am now 33, quickly approaching the "scary reproductive" age and recently made aware of the fragility and stress that accompanies those that may be "reproductively challenged".

-Adoption has always been, and will always be, in my family-creation plan.

I am I a little bit crazy? More likely than not.... Will this be a challenge? Every day. Have I been met with well intentioned cautionary tales? Yes, and I expect to be on the receiving end of many more.

This is not a decision that was made in haste or lightly by any means. While sharing my story I have found an abundance of interest and support among my family and friends- restoring my faith in the choice of individuals with who I surround myself. I have also been faced with adversarial remarks and doubt, illuminating those individuals with whom I will limit my precious time and interactions. Above all, this is about the joy of bringing the opportunity of a family for myself and a child somewhere in this world.  

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