Friday, March 27, 2015

Meet Elizabeth

This entire process has been a test of patience, resiliency and strength. An odd aspect of parenting through international adoption is the inability to share photos of your little one, let alone a sonogram. Usually adoption agencies ask that you wait until you have been officially matched by the country from which you are adopting.
Originally, I was told this could take about 3 months. I am happy to announce and introduce, after only 34 days, my little Elizabeth. One step closer to home my little one!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I am surrounded by amazing people

Today was one of the first major fundraisers in our effort to bring my little one home. In short, the entire affair was humbling and enlightening. Family and friends from across the country joined us at Muse Paintbar in South Norwalk to sip some wine and (attempt to) paint a scenic mountain landscape. We also offered 10 different raffle prizes along with snacks and good company. The day was rainy and cool- perfect for enjoying the company of other indoors. In total, we raised almost $900 towards the orphanage donation for Taiyuan SWI. This is a huge weight off my shoulders for many reasons; Not only is this less of a financial burden, but I consider myself extremely lucky knowing that I have the support of so many amazing people in my life.
Here are a few pictures of our general awesomeness:

Serious concentration
All of us showing off our masterpieces!
The staff at Muse were wonderfully accommodating and the company was astounding. :)
Following our painting, everyone signed a fortune that will be added to Elizabeth's lifebook. I am so happy knowing that she has so many people looking forward to her journey home.
Our fortunes from the day, signed by everyone.
Needless to say, the wait for our Letter of Action (LOA in adoption-speak) is much easier knowing I have so many amazing people waiting right along with me. :)