Adoption Related Resources

This space will be used to post articles, links, and various resources that apply to both my adoption journey and adoption in general.

Both Ends Burning: Amazing organization that believes, as all of us should, that every child deserves a family. Watch this illuminating video that shows the love, struggle, heartbreak, and bureaucracy that accompanies adoption:

Dave Thomas Foundation: Way more than fast food, this organization assists in helping children across the country get services and placements within loving families.

As a soon-to-be-mom to a three year old, I will have missed the opportunity to have obligatory "naked-baby-in-my-hands" pictures. Check this amazing site of photographers that support adoptive families in help create lasting memories- free of charge!
Red Thread Photography

Check out this informational article directed towards the family and friends of potential adoptive parents.
Dear Friends of Waiting Adoptive Moms