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Many people have inquired as to the "cost" of my adopting a child. This statement is often asked as a way to inquire about the monies associated with the process of adopting a child, but the delivery of this question usually comes off as "How much did your kid cost?"  :-)
I did not, nor will I ever (and I am sure that adoption community at large would agree) "pay for my child". There are fees associated with the process of adoptions, most going towards an accredited, licensed, adoption agency (many of which are non-profit), as well as the paperwork filing fees of the various government agencies, in addition to travel-related costs. But again, I did not "pay" for my child.
Many of these costs are tax-deductible, both by the adoptive parents and those who wish to contribute to the adoption expenses for an adoptive family.

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National Adoption Foundation: Excellent resource for adoption grants, loans and financial aid.

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center: Links and Information on how to assist in compiling the necessary funds for adoption.