Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Acronym Game

I have learned a new language since embarking on this adoption journey. No, it is not Mandarin or any other dialect of the expanse of Chinese tongues. It is the dizzying maze of abbreviations those of us in the adoption world attempt to manage to aid in the estimation of timelines and completion of documents.
An example? I was PA in Oct, and I am hoping to be DTC next week and LID before CNY. Yeah- I had to ask for some assistance in navigating this labyrinth of letters. Luckily, I have joined quite a few online adoption groups that have been my life preserver. One member has put together this list of terms/steps/processes required for the adoption of a child from PRC (People's Republic of China....yeah..another one).
Thanks so much to Rebecca Coleman for putting this together. Please check out all of the waiting children on this site while you are there- they all need loving homes. :)

Adoption Terms and Timelines

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